More Tickets Have Become Available For Elton's Show in Beaumont, Texas

Written by Chief Editor.

An extra 300 tickets to see Elton at Ford Park on March 12 will be made available at 10 a.m. Friday at the Ford Park ticket office and at all Ticketmaster locations, said park manager John Hughes.


The tickets came available as the production company completed its stage arrangements that resulted in identification of more seating, Hughes said.

"It's not an uncommon practice," he said. "Seats adjacent to and just behind the stage are held for production purposes. It's standard for most shows that these seats are not released until the day of the show unless they are sold out in advance."

Elton's concert is one of Ford Park's hottest-ever tickets and only single seats were left, Hughes said.

Now, with the release of these tickets, people can by seats in pairs or more.

These tickets will sell for $69 each, he added.

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