Thanks to UK Newspaper, a Disabled Boy Will Get to See Elton Next Year

Written by Chief Editor.

A Devon mum has praised the Echo for their in help in getting EJ tickets for her disabled son.

The rocker is set to perform n front of 14,000 at Westpoint next year.

Caroline Rogers-Davis, whose 16 year old son suffers from cerebral palsy and is wheelchair bound, recently called multiple ticket sellers and was told that whilst tickets were available for able bodied concertgoers, there were none available for those needing wheelchair facilities.

The Kingskerwell mother blasted the venue for only offering 80 tickets on the disabled platform, meaning Ben could not attend. However, a call to the venue from the Echo has seen two tickets made available to the family.

Caroline said:

"I received a call from Ticketmaster offering us two tickets to see Elton John, which we accepted. I have one very happy boy shouting hurray at the top of his voice.

"I would like to say a big thank you to the Echo for their help."

A representative for Marshall Arts, the concert promoter, said:

"We always ask our disabled patrons to book as early as possible because there are a limited number of spaces available on the disabled platform.

"We're thrilled that Elton John fan Ben will be able to attend the concert next year."

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