Some Satisfaction For a Fan Who Attended a Show Elton Had to Cut Short

Written by Chief Editor.

In February, Elton had to cut short a New Zealand concert because of walking pneumonia. While he managed to get through much of the set, some fans believed they should have received refunds.

An Auckland man has managed to get back 40 percent of the cost of his tickets. Michael Batty, who won a tribunal fight, and got just over $470, thinks the other 34,000 people who attended the Mt Smart gig should be compensated as well, without having to go to court. 
Wellington lawyer Graeme Edgeler said in the case of an incomplete event, there was a legal grey area and it was a question which would be resolved only if someone made a legal claim, such as through the Disputes Tribunal. 
Batty told Stuff he had paid over a thousand dollars in tickets for himself and four pals, and found it ''frustratiing'' it took this long to get a partial refund. He said that after filing with the Dispute Tribunal, Ticketmaster got in touch on behalf of the promotor, Chugg, for a settlement deal. But he opted not to accept it since it allegedly involved a confidentiality agreement. 
Batty had also purchsed tickets for another night, which was postponed because of John's illness. So he hopes to see the star at the rescheduled 2021 show, calling him ''a fantastic entertainer.''
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