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I’ve Seen The (Servers) — Posted by editor Thursday 10 June 1999 @ 2:00 – GMT

Your entire music collection could soon be retrieveable from a virtual CD rack contained on the Internet. The concept would allow you to access your music anywhere in the world instantly. It could be expanded to broadcast-quality video as bandwidth increases, according to U.S. specialist magazine The Age on June 8, 1999.


Yamaha Artist Services’ keyboard division director, Eric Johnson, said publishing unknown artists’ MIDI files and MP3, which the site will soon hold, offered no threat to the recording industry.


Already, Yamaha has started to preserve the knowledge of artists who have since died, or historical performances, so musicians to come can learn from their experience. Elton’s performance at the Princess Diana memorial concert was captured this way, he said.


“We have already gathered some flak from the recording companies,” Johnson said.

“I’m not trying to pick fights with recording companies. I’m taking my key primarily from the artists and to support them with the record companies. We’re focusing on music not currently available. I don’t expect any trouble unless we become very successful, and I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.”