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Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has announced a new charity dedicated to helping girls who have suffered sexual abuse, called Janie’s Fund after his group’s 1989 song Janie’s Got a Gun.

The fund, announced on Twitter with the hashtag #JaniesGotAFund, will be a part of the non-profit organisation Youth Villages and will seek to help girls who’ve been sexually abused cope with their trauma, in part through programs like “West African therapeutic drumming, art therapy, music therapy and recreational therapy,” according to its Web site. It will also provide “extended care” to girls who’ve left the foster care system after age 18.

Since writing the song about a girl who kills her abusive father, Tyler said he had wondered what he could do to help others in similar situations. “Over the years,” he said in a personal message on the site, “I’ve been overwhelmed by the thousands of fans who have sent me letters, telling me their stories and how ‘Janie’s Got A Gun’ affected and inspired them.”

The excitement surrounding the Janie’s Fund announcement began last week, when other artists began to receive large custom mystery crates: Elton, Bono, Howard Stern, and Jennifer Lopez, among others, received exact replicas of Tyler’s most famous trademark white, jewel-encrusted mic and mic stand, (courtesy of Atlas Sound and Shure), complete with hand sewn signature scarves and a handwritten note from Steven saying, “I may have a big mouth, but now I need your voice.”
There will be additional mystery crates being revealed from other A-list artists in the coming weeks.