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Design studio Supple and copywriting firm totalcontent have come up with a 2020 Visionaries calendar.

This printed wall calendar was inspired by famous spectacle wearers past and present, ranging from Elton to Gandhi. Ray Charles, Michael Caine, Karl Lagerfeld, and Billie Jean King are among the others.

According to,Supple went all ocular on the design, basing the creative on graphic illustrations of the iconic face furniture, judicious use of the Optician Sans font, and a take on the traditional opticians’ Snellen vision test chart on the cover.”

The illustrations of glasses are reproduced true to size. The lenses reflect not only the identity of the wearer but what they might see through them. For example, to represent Elton, a heart-shaped pair of specs appears with a picture of keyboards in them.

The 2020 Visionaries calendar is supported by a pop-up microsite by web design agency Our Name is Mud, along with a link for donations to Guide Dogs for the Blind, one of Supple’s clients.