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Posted by editor_usa

Elton’s Latest Tantrums And Tiaras

Thursday 9
March 2006 @ 16:47

Elton has fallen out with Karl Lagerfeld, the March 9, 2006 Independent announced.

This is because of an interview the designer granted Elle magazine in which he claimed Elton and David Furnish‘s civil ceremony was wrecked by over-zealous security arrangements.

”I refused to attend: I got a paper saying no gifts for the couple and I like to make a gift. Cameras are forbidden; cell phones are to be deposited at the arrival. No smoking. I will not go where things are forbidden and I’m told how to behave. They say it’s security. I went to the White House, I went to the court of Monaco, and I never got this.”

Karl added that it made him feel more like an unpaid extra than a guest. ”You’re hostage for a party.”

Yesterday, Elton shot back, saying Karl himself insisted upon elaborate accommodations.

A spokesman claimed, ”He was invited and requested that he have his own security for the dinner. This wasn’t a problem for Elton and David, but he still cancelled the day before. They were saddened that he didn’t attend.”

But a couple of actors couldn’t be happier with the Rocket Man. He has promised Transamerica star Kevin Zegers that he’d set him up on a blind date with Sienna Miller.

Sienna broke up with then-fiance Jude Law in January; Kevin, likewise, recently split from Boston Legal star Marisa Coughlin.