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Kiki Tea
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Kiki Dee’s management company produce tea for charity

Sunday 10
June 2001 @ 15:45

By George Matlock

Singer Kiki Dee’s management company Tickety-Boo has launched its own blend of tea to benefit charities.

Available in UK supermarkets, Tickety-Boo Tea claims to be a “blend of the finest leaves from ethically sourced tea gardens in Africa” which “outlaw exploitation, pay fair wages, and ban child or bonded labour.”

Sold in boxes of 80 tea bags, with the same colour scheme as is the hallmark of the management company, and the logo as it appears on Kiki’s recent album Where Rivers Meet, the Indian-influenced album recorded at Tickety-Boo’s offices in 1998.

The tea packaging, however, refers to the endorsement of another client of the manager, Scottish comedian Billy Connolly.

Tickety-Boo has already donated its profits from the tea to charities like Jubilee Action, that protect and care for people in need, particularly neglected and abandoned children worldwide.

So, next time you think the weekend chore is unexciting, why not explore those avenues of groceries a little closer and see if you can spot Tickety-Boo.

For more information on the company, visit their website at: See their website