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Elton became friends with a South African HIV scientist after she wrote to him about rebuilding a hospital.


Dr Arthi Ramkissoon was pleasantly surprised when he and David Furnish flew to Durban to study the plans she had to help teenagers with AIDS. They later held an auction at their White Tie & Tiara ball which raised over 2.5 million pounds for the project. 
The KZN Children’s Hospital had been closed because of apartheid. 

Now a spokesperson for the institution has announced that the doctor, who was 61, died after succumbing to Covid-19. 
He added that the EJAF were immediately informed and have been in contact, offering Elton’s condolences.

”One of Arthi’s most prized possessions is a photo taken of her and her Youth Ambassador Lindiwe {Nyathikazi} with Sir Elton standing between them at the fund-raising auction in his mansion.
”She was like a human dynamo and never gave up raising money for the hospital since she joined in 2012, and her loss is a huge blow but we will keep up her work in her memory.”