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Tantrums and no-shows cost millions

Saturday 16
September 2000 @ 1:48

Eltons celebrated tantrums appear to have taken their toll, according to two stories breaking September 15, 2000. One involves a Potuguese Casino, the other Tina Turner.

Elton John may face legal action by organisers of a Portuguese concert after he was said to have walked out half an hour before he was due to perform, and without saying goodbye, reported world media September 14, 2000.


“He never came back and he never gave any explanation,”Casino manager Mario Assis Ferreira told Portuguese radio. Ferreira said the venue is planning to sue Elton for “several tens of thousands of dollars.”

Elton was scheduled to appear at the Estoril Casino near Lisbon September 13, 2000 at 11 pm but, according to the venue’s spokesman, Nuno Lima de Carvalho, 30 minutes before the show Elton appeared concerned the theatre was only half full.

“He said he was going out to get some air but then he jumped into his car and went to the airport to catch his private jet. He never said goodbye or anything to anyone, said Lima de Carvalho. Elton was reported to have flown back to the UK.

However, an audience of 1,250 people who had each paid 50,000 escudos (£154) per ticket for dinner and show were in fact there. In all, 1,500 tickets had been sold.


The unamused and unentertained crowd included government ministers, bank presidents and national newspaper editors.


They were apparently slow at moving from the dining room to the concert hall, leaving it to the last minute to enter the music chamber. Elton was mistaken in thinking he would not be playing to a packed house.

Lima de Carvalho continued: “It was a tantrum, but this kind of behaviour has consequences.” Paul Carey, a spokesman for Elton in London, said he was unaware of the incident and could not comment.

Meanwhile, Elton John cost Tina Turner millions of dollars when a joint world tour was scrapped because of a “little boy tantrum” by the great pianist. Elton’s temper first boiled over during a rehearsal in New York.


Tina told American TV viewers September 14, 2000: “He got very touchy when I tried to show him how to play Proud Mary. There was this long silence before he suddenly exploded. He began screaming, ‘YOU don’t tell ME how to play the piano!’ Then he stormed off the stage.”

They temporarily buried the hatchet after the TV studio bust-up in April 1999. But Tina, 60, said on US TV show Sixty Minutes that even though Elton made a grudging apology before flying home in his private jet, there was no way they could tour together – and now they no longer speak.

She said of her lost cash: “I learned the hard way that you don’t tell Elton what to do or he throws a little boy tantrum.”