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LOSS OF GUS: invited to represent Elton John fans
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Gus and Sheila Dudgeon Memorial

Saturday 1
February 2003 @ 7:00
– GMT was very proud to represent Elton John fans when it was invited to read a tribute at the Gus and Sheila Dudgeon Memorial led by the music industry on January 31, 2003.

Our editor George Matlock read the speech, which you can read in full here, at the Abbey Road Studios in north London, famous as the cover of a Beatles album.

George was a personal friend of Gus and Sheila. eltonjohnworld attracted controversy last year in its well-intentioned coverage of the Dudgeon’s funeral. But the speech marks a significant point of rehabilitation. We appreciate being given this chance to set the record straight.

You can read the full tribute by clicking here.

See the slide show of exclusive photos of the memorial