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Elton’s Partner Plans to Show Off Some of Their Art at a New Vegas Establishment.

Elton’s partner is planning to open a champagne lounge and bar at Caesars Palace this fall.

It is understood that the 50-year-old will be working with Michael Greco, who has done projects at The Palms with Pure Management.

The bar will house pieces from the extensive art collection owned by Elton and DavidFurnish. The couple had a private gallery built at their home near Windsor, in Berkshire, to display what is considered one of the greatest private collections of 20th and 21st-century photography.

It’s believed that the lounge will open inside the former Bernini clothing store on the Vegas casino floor. 

The 2,750-square-foot space has a declared construction budget of  $3.2 million with a potential occupancy of 190 champagne-sipping guests. It sits steps from the Colosseum Boutique, which sells EJ show souvenirs.

Sir Elton is scheduled to resume his residency at the Colosseum on September 18.