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Adam Weiner, vocalist for the Philadelphia band Low Cut Connie, recently told Keyboard about receiving an unexpected call from Sir Elton.

”It  was incredible. He called me at 7:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning while he was on tour in France. The week before, he had picked our song Dirty Water to play on his radio show. He said a few really nice things about the band, and that just completely blew me away. Like many people, I grew up with Elton and I idolised him in so many ways, and there he was, talking about our music. I was so moved, I wrote him a letter that found its way to his producer at Apple Beats 1. The next day, the producer contacted our publicist and said, “Elton would love to interview Adam this weekend.’ It was like ‘Bam, bam, bam!’ ”

Asked what the two spoke about, Adam replied:

”Well first of all, he started things off right away by saying, ‘I absolutely love the band. It’s fantastic – what a sound! I’m biased because I’m a piano guy and you’re a piano guy, and I’m just so blown away that you’re flying the flag and keeping piano rock and roll alive.’ Then he asked me if I was the guy playing the piano and singing, and I told him I was. He replied and said, ‘Adam, I bow down to you. It’s absolutely brilliant, and you play piano so well.’

”Elton is still playing the holy hell out of the piano. I remember seeing him live at Madison Square Garden a few years ago thinking, ‘He’s beating that thing like it owes him money!’ ”

Adam said that he saw Elton at Bonnaroo a few years ago, where ”he played like a madman. He is totally undiminished on the piano.”

He added: ”Elton told me how he had seen Jerry Lee Lewis as a kid and it changed his life, and that made him want to be a piano-playing performer, and jump on the furniture. I told him, “I learned this from watching you,’ and he replied, ‘You’re carrying-on the torch.’ Then I told him that it was his fault that I don’t have a real job, and that I’m doing this with my life!”

Low Cut Connie, known for their piano-pounding rock ‘n’ roll, is fronted by Weiner on vocals and keys, with James Everhart and Lucas Rinz on guitar, Will Donnelly on drums and Larry Scotton on bass.

Weiner has been interviewed by Elton on the latest edition of his Rocket Hour radio show. They discussed artists they admire, and the fact that they have named their pianos.

There’s a link to the broadcast at