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Madison Square Garden, 23-24 Sept. 2005
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Fan report by Marian Joy Friedman

Sunday 25
September 2005 @ 20:40

Elton John Madison Square Garden September 2005Do you know what Madison Square Garden is like when everyone is up on their feet dancing and singing along with Elton and his band? Its amazing and its amazing because Elton is such an amazing performer. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Elton happier then I saw him at these 2 shows. He was in top form and it was a pleasure hearing Peach Tree Road and Captain Fantastic. Highlight for me was Empty Garden.  Very touching and sweet dedication.
The show began just a little after 8pm and ended well after 11pm.   What a great show and thanks to, what great seats we had particularly friday night!  thank you!
I’ve seen Elton perform in many venues but Madison Square Garden is truly a special place for him.  The crowd was wild and up on their feet early on in each of the shows. Saturday night’s crowd was the wildest.  everything sounded great. The choir was outrageously great both musically and in their performance.  Guy Babylon was particularly good as well all the band members.  It was top notch. It was a historical show to see and I’m so very glad i was able to be there.