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In September, it was reported that a 19-year-old appeared in court, accused of plotting to carry out a terror attack on Oxford Street shoppers and an Elton John concert in London.

Haroon Ali-Syed allegedly tried to buy weapons online.

Westminster Magistrates Court was told he did so with a view to carrying out attacks in busy areas of the capital.

Syed reportedly researched targets including an EJ concert in Hyde Park on September 11, Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street and military bases in London.

It’s believed he planned to blow up a crowded area in central London using a bomb with a remote timer. The alleged plot was foiled after he got in touch with an undercover police officer online, who arranged a meeting at a shopping centre in Slough in which Mr Syed allegedly handed over £150.
The young man has now admitted to plotting attacks on the iconic Buckingham Palace and Elton’s show on the anniversary of 9/11, among other potential London targets.

At the Old Bailey court in London, he acknowledged “researching, planning and attempting to source” materials for homemade explosive devices for use in the attacks.

Syed, warned by the judge that a life sentence is likely to be handed down, will be sentenced in June after a probation and psychiatric report.