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Meet Herman’s family
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The Habits – on parade

Wednesday 5
March 2003 @ 8:20

If you are a regular visitor to Herman’s Habits, you will notice a few changes from March 2003.

As well as the ever-sceptical green icon Herman who surveys the web and press coverage making fandom light work for you, you can now meet her family of helpers!

The Habits family are inspired by a few well-known characters on Elton’s Tours over the years. See if you spot them below. We will be adding other faces later. But, if like us, you are clumsy remembering names, here is a small dose of those family members who don’t wear a Michael Jackson kiddie-hid veil.


MeetHermansfamily          MeetHermansfamily          MeetHermansfamily          MeetHermansfamily          MeetHermansfamily          MeetHermansfamily          MeetHermansfamily          MeetHermansfamily

Davey           Ray            Dale          Baz          John R      Bob       Roger       ?


So, in no particular order, we have a crazy percussionist, a long-time guitarist, a has-been manager, a piano tuner, an unpopular band marshall, an accident-prone bass guitarist, a wild drummer, and of course green Herman who needs no introduction.

These fellas will be popping up on the website, especially on Herman’s Habits in various suitable spots.

Fandom is Fun, or it’s not worth pursuing!