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Mid-week flash: Elton-Blue single set for Number One!
Posted by editor

According to midweek figures duet is outselling competition

Friday 13
December 2002 @ 0:30

According to midweek figures, Elton’s duet with Blue, Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word, is outselling the competition in the race for the top spot.

Gareth Gates looks set to hit a career low this week with his new single expected to miss the top five of the UK singles chart.

The Pop Idol star, whose previous three singles have debuted at No.1, is expected to chart at number six with his latest offering, What My Heart Wants To Say.

Transylvanian twins, The Cheeky Girls, should remain at number two with rap star Eminem expected to fall to number three.

Elsewhere, British solo stars Daniel Beddingfield and Robbie Williams will fight it out for positions four and five.

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