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Pino Palladino is a Welsh bassist who has worked with Elton, Gary Numan, Bryan Ferry, Eric Clapton, the Who, and Phil Collins, among others.


He recently shared some of his memories with
The musician played on Elton’s The One album in 1992. He remembered recording in Paris at Studio Guillaume Tell.
He began with the food in Paris, which he considered ”excellent.”
”We would end every day going out to dinner at high-end restaurants with the table piled up with dishes. It was really something to keep up with . . . but I rose to the challenge!”
Pino continued: ”Working on that record and spending time with Elton was humbling. I remember one day, Bernie Taupin faxed some song lyrics over in the morning, and Elton took them into the next room and had an amazing song written within an hour . . . incredible! At this time I was really known for my fretless bass sound, it was something people specifically hired me for. Elton encouraged me to develop my ideas for the basslines and let me do my thing on the record.”
Last month, Notes With Attachments, an album from Palladino and instrumentalist/producer Blake Mills, was released. Initially conceived as a solo project for Pino, Notes With Attachments instead evolved into a collaborative work centered around the two artists’ love for experimentation.