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Tam Johnstone says that since moving to California almost half a year ago, he has been busy working with his dad, Davey Johnstone, a longtime member of Elton’s band. 

One of their projects is a reissue of Davey’s first solo album, Smiling Face.

It was released on Elton’s Rocket Records label, and featured contributions from Nigel Olsson, Dee Murray, Ray Cooper and Gus Dudgeon –  as well as Elton himself. 

Sound City re-released the disc about 10 years ago (its first time on CD), mastered from a vinyl copy of the album as the original masters were long since lost.

Tam says, ”Amazingly, and unbeknownst to me, the wonderful Greg Penny had rescued a quarter inch tape copy from the vaults while working on the Elton 5.1 mixes. This means we now have an excellent source to master from. I was almost in tears when Greg informed me of this (prior to this, I’d actually managed to locate a quarter inch reel of side one of the album but it was rapidly deteriorating.)

”So, along with the possibility of including a few bonus tracks, we also have a documentary about the album in the works featuring interviews and previously unseen footage. We’re all hoping this great lost album will find a new generation of fans. It’s quite a hefty project, as I’m sure you can imagine.”

Meanwhile, Tam has posted an interview with producer Greg about remixing Elton in 5.1 at