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One of Elton’s longtime band members recently spoke about how he and the former Reg Dwight got together.

Nigel Olsson said: ”We were all kids in those days and it was very exciting to be involved. I met Elton and Bernie Taupin when I was with a band that was handled by Dick James Music, who were the publishers for Elton and Bernie’s songs. I would see them in the office, and if they wanted to do a demo of one of their songs and I was around, they would ask me to come play drums. That’s basically how we started our relationship together musically.”

He remembered the first time they went into James’ studio to rehearse.

”Within the first eight bars of the first song, which was probably Your Song, I knew that this was the kind of music that I wanted to play. It changed the whole direction of my life, basically. It was an amazing time in our lives.”

On February 10, the drummer turned 70.

EJW hopes he had an enjoyable birthday.

Yesterday on his Facebook page, the musician provided a link to ”a great read if you are interested in the technical side of how an Elton show is put together.” It’s…/elton-john-farewell-yellow-brick-ro…/