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Elton was changed “forever” after connecting with his songwriting partner via an advertisement in Britain’s NME magazine.

The singer recently paid tribute to the 66-year-old music publication, following the release of its last ever print edition.

“Farewell to #NME,” he wrote beside a crying face emoji. “When I was a teenager, I read you from cover to cover. I met Bernie Taupin through an ad in the back pages. It changed my life forever.

“Thanks for so many memories, and (music journalist) Charles Shaar Murray. E x”.

Elton and Bernie celebrated the 50th anniversary of their songwriting partnership last year with the release of a special greatest hits compilation album, titled Diamonds.

He wasn’t the only to express his dismay at the end of NMEs publication – Courtney Love, Liam Gallagher, and Paul Weller also shared their sadness at the news via social media when the announcement was initially made on Wednesday.

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