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Paul Karslake, whose subjects included Elton and the Rolling Stones, recently died after a battle with coronavirus. 


The 61-year-old’s survivors include his sister Jo Wood, ex-wife of Ron Wood. In fact, one of the Leigh artist’s more noteworthy creations was a portrait of Ron’s bandmate, Keith Richards. He appeared as a swashbuckling pirate. Johnny Depp saw the artwork, which inspired his Pirates of the Caribbean character, ‘Jack Sparrow.’
In 2010, Paul did a painting for the launch of Bravo‘s TV show, Spartacus: Blood & Sand. It portrayed the Roman gladiator surrounded by famous faces. Among them was the Rocket Man with a sword and shield. Joanna Lumley; Ant & Dec; Angelina Jolie; Simon Cowell; Gordon Brown; and Louis Walsh were also in the picture.
A fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Paul raised over 20,000 pounds for charity. He had most recently worked on the Hares About Town charity trail for Havens Hospices.