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Posted by editor_usa

Elton Comes in Second in New Candy Poll

Wednesday 22
March 2006 @ 17:04

Between January 17 and February 1, 2006, Just Born, Inc., makers of MARSHMALLOW PEEPS® brand candies did a phone survey of 800 individuals across America.

This resulted in 70.3% voting ”yes,” when asked if Just Born ”bunnies” were a must at Easter. But when inquiring about celebrities most resembling the candies (be it their style, personality or physique), the discussion centered around ”Chicks.”

In the female category, Oprah Winfrey was the victor with 14.9% of the votes.  In a
close second and third were Ellen DeGeneres (11.6%) and Jessica Simpson

Other PEEPS® women mentioned included Angelina Jolie (8.2%), Kelly
Ripa (6.9%), Halle Berry (6.2%) and Hillary Duff (6.0%).

As for males, first place went to Drew Carey, with 17.5% of the votes.  Al Roker
(8.9%) and Elton  (8.1%) held distant second and third positions.

Other PEEPS® men included Ben Stiller (7.1%), Emeril Lagasse (6.7%),
Will Ferrell (6.7%), Snoop Dogg (5.4%) and Jamie Foxx (5.2%).

As for  a personality most in need of  the confections (whether for their ”sweet decadence or fluffy escape,”  #1 was President Bush (19.4%).  Next in line were New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin (9.1%) and Hillary Clinton (8.5%).  Followed closely were Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen (8.1%).

Other people said to need the marshmallows were Martha Stewart (7.6%), Lindsay Lohan (6.5%) and Howard Stern (5.3%).

Famous or not, the manufacturers claim the items are fun for the whole family.  Beyond eating them plain, some of the ways U.S. citizens like to use their PEEPS® are to toast them
over an open fire (6.9%), float them in hot chocolate (6.5%), microwave (6.4%), create crafts (4.1%), and bake with PEEPS® (0.6%).

Nostalgia is a big part of the allure. They’ve been around for over fifty years, and indeed, 30.7 percent in the tally confessed to being ”loyal” for over three decades.

Yet that doesn’t mean new shapes wouldn’t be welcomed. Of people surveyed, 30.2% thought animals such as a  puppy/dog, kitten/cat, horse, or elephant would be ideal. Others chose new geometric forms (3.6%) – circle, square, or star.  Tied with 2.9% of the votes were cars/trucks/motorcycles and sports/football

Still 4.5% loyal PEEPS® fans like them just the way they are!