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A new documentary on the science, medicine and technology of human vision will reportedly be the first film broadcast with a special method to allow those who are colour bind to see it better.

Sight: The Story of Vision from Koenig Films uses colour blind accessible correction (CA) to allow viewers with limited red-green sensitivity to better see differences between colors they normally struggle to see correctly. To make this happen, the movie’s makers reportedly worked with EnChroma to develop a colour calibration method to approximate the effect of EnChroma‘s glasses, resulting in an improved viewing experience for up to 80 percent of people with red-green colour blindness.

The one-hour documentary is narrated by Sir Elton and presents efforts to improve and restore human vision, and the individuals who battle against the darkness of blindness.

Sight: The Story of Vision is scheduled to premiere on many public television stations on World Sight Day, October 13. It’s advised that you check local listings, though, because at least one PBS outlet is broadcasting the documentary on a later date.