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When Chris Sammut returned from a quick lunch break on Friday, he almost dropped his salad roll in shock when he spotted one of the world’s biggest music legends in his Sydney record shop.

Elton dropped by Repressed Records in Newtown while in Australia for his All The Hits tour.

Mr Sammut said there was no mistaking John’s rose-tinted glasses as he sifted through a crate of second-hand vinyls.

“He seemed pretty organised, he had a list of the ones he wanted and the ones he didn’t have, it was all written down,” Mr Sammut told ABC.

Sporting a matching tracksuit set, Elton was accompanied by two minders, but Mr Sammut said it didn’t seem to be “hired security muscle,” adding that the singer’s shopping experience was just as casual as any other customer.

Trying to keep his cool, Mr Sammut remained behind the counter while John browsed the store.

“I didn’t want to harass him, but at the end of the day I didn’t think I would have this chance ever again, so I grabbed a photo and he was really nice about it and obliged,” Chris said.

“I tried to keep things casual…he did take the time to take a few photos with some customers, but it was the middle of the day so it wasn’t too busy.”

While the store in the centre of a bohemian hub of Sydney is popular with independent and well known Australian artists, this was the first time Chris had served an international superstar on Elton’s scale.

While the entertainer flicked through the new arrivals, it seemed his taste in music was still very much in the 60s and 70s rock classics genre, since he placed records on the counter from Roxy Music, T-Rex and Squeeze to add to his collection.

Chris appreciated the fact that Elton is a supporter of independent music stores.