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Sir Elton has joined Auddly as an ambassador and has called for the music industry to manage its metadata more efficiently.

Auddly is a metadata identifier and song data hub which contributes to efficient collaborations, matched credits and correct payments.

It has entered partnerships with companies and organisations including Universal Music Publishing Group and PRS For Music.

“It’s time to realise that we need to manage our metadata more efficiently to overcome the challenges preventing creators from getting paid correctly, and I support Auddly in its efforts towards a more sustainable music industry,” the pianist declared. 

“It’s an honour to have Elton John on board as an Auddly ambassador,” said Niclas Molinder, Auddly’s co-founder (also a songwriter, producer and  music publisher). “Thanks to his outstanding experience as a songwriter and artist he is very aware of the metadata issues and his support is valuable for us.”