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Pnau’s last album in 2011 ”snapped and faded overnight like a glowstick,” to quote the November 9th edition of the Herald Sun.

Mentor Sir Elton had insisted they make Soft Universe to showcase Nick Littlemore’s vocals. But fans skipped it, leaving the band disappointed.

Peter (Mayes, bandmate) was browbeaten by the whole experience,” said Littlemore.
But Nick appreciated Elton’s advice when he lost his front tooth.

“He said (gruff accent) ‘Get tha’ toof fixed’.”

Nick also spoke briefly about a ”top secret project” with the former Reg Dwight.

He can’t divulge any details, except it has some big names, and ”it’s got JD in it.

JD backwards is of course DJ and Elton’s first publisher was Dick James Music.”

Elton and Pnau teamed up in 2012 for Good Morning to the Night. The disc’s tracks utilised samples from early EJ material to form new songs. It debuted at No. 1 on the UK Albums Chart.

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