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Google‘s Camp, as it is known, is a three-day conference in southern Italy that combines technology, fashion, and music. Mornings are filled with spirited discussions about subjects such as education, health, politics, and media, while afternoons are for relaxation, food and drink. 

Most guests arrive via private helicopter shuttled from Palermo; however, several billionaires, David Geffen among them, currently have their superyachts anchored off the Verdura Resort. Others in attendance included Prince Harry, Sean Penn, Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel, Netflix’s Reed Hastings, and Emma Watson.

During one evening last week, Google rented out the massive Valley of the Temples ruins in Agrigento for an intimate concert and sit-down dinner for 300 people. This year the performers were Elton and Lenny Kravitz (last year Alicia Keyes performed).