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Giles Martin, who re-arranged EJ classics for Rocketman, is now working on the Devil Wears Prada musical. He spoke to Smooth Radio about the former project in 2019, and said there could one day be a live version of the biopic. . . .

The producer recalled that he was in a studio with Elton three times prior to Rocketman. He was with his father, the late George Martin, so ”there’s always emotion.

”Any music can get you emotional, with the added resonance that I do obviously think about my dad when I work on these projects, and I hope that he would be proud.” As a matter of fact, Elton phoned up to say: ‘Listen, I love the music. Your dad would be so proud of what you’ve done.’
Talking about how the pop legend handled the project, Giles explained {}: ”Dexter {Fletcher, director} and I went to go see him in Vegas in November 2017. We sat and had lunch with him and David. Elton just goes, ‘Listen, I trust you guys. I’m so happy you’re doing it. I’ll come to the premiere.’ ”
Asked if there could one day be a stage musical of Rocketman, the producer replied: ”It was funny. When we started doing this, and I started working on the musical arrangements for it, it started having a very musical feel to it. Which is kind of intentional.
”Dexter and I watched a lot of old musicals, and we tried to steal things from them, obviously with huge respect. That was generally more the mood we were going through with this movie. And a lot of these original films are based on theatre productions or they come from a theatre background, or just in the nature of the way they’re filmed. So they have a theatre aspect to them.
”I think Rocketman could be a live show, easily. We will see. I haven’t heard any plans yet.”
As for The Devil Wears Prada, the musical makes its debut in Chicago on the 19th of the month.