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Ray makes it to Posh and Becks wedding, sort of
Posted by editor

Tuesday 6
July 1999 @ 2:00

In a great spoof of the Posh Spice and David Beckham wedding…London’s Evening Standard newspaper July 5, 1999, calls upon the help of our Elton look-a-like Raymond Johnson to re-create the special day.


A grand colour photo of Elton (Raymond Johnson) graced the cover of the pull-out “Life & Style” section of the newspaper.


Iin the newspaper’s own words: “Mr and Mrs Beckham leave the chapel to the sound of Elton John playing an arrangement of Love In An Elevator. Elton is using the Casio SA-38. [Goldfinger film star] Oddjob assists.”


The newspaper claims that while OK! Magazine paid £1 million for pictures of the real wedding…the Evening Standard paid…a few pence!