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Elton says he wants to go into the studio with Burna Boy.
In July, the Nigerian artist was on an episode of RocketHour, where the host said: ”You really make me happy, and your music is just so fantastic. It would be an honour for me to do that.”

Burna Boy  was pleased to hear this, replying: ”I have been looking forward to that for so long.” The following week, Elton spoke with Sharon Van Etten.

He said she was good at writing songs and making beautiful records to ”just go and and lose yourself in.” Elton thinks that’s the best thing he could say about music–how it touches him, transports him, and gives him a warm feeling inside.

Sharon asked him to stop, explaining, ”I’m nervous talking to you., Are you kidding me?  You are celebrated in my family and my partner’s family. My partner told me he dressed up in drag wearing boots and boas since he was a kid.”