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Earlier this year, an engineer who received credits on the Elton John, Madman Across The Water, Tumbleweed Connection and Friends LPs, died. 

Tony Hazzard, who provided background vocals on two of the aforementioned releases (”Elton John” and ”Madman Across The Water”) told this Web site that he recalls Robin Geoffrey Cable being ”a nice chap” who ”created a great sound.”

Producer/engineer Ken Scott, who worked on the Honky Chateau album, wrote that he was very sad to hear of Robin’s passing. He called him ”a great engineer who helped to make Trident Studios as good as it was.”

Queen‘s Brian May said Robin was a ”talented record producer and engineer and an old friend.” He wrote on Facebook that Cable started his career as a house engineer/producer at Trident Studios, which first signed his group up for management publishing and recording. 
”He along with Roy Baker and Ken Scott, took on the clients that used the studios and became a team with a kind of team spirit, I”d say, and they were responsible for the ‘Trident Sound’ as heard on Robin’s work with Carly Simon and Ken’s and David Bowie.” 
Brian credits his friend with giving Freddie Mercury–and himself-their first proper release on record. He also remembers Robin being obsessed with the Phil Spector sound and having ”great ears,”
Among Robin’s other clients were Genesis and Harry Nilsson.