Elton John World News: Could Elton be Britney's father?

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Rumour: Elton John to portray Britney Spears's dad in his next video

Tuesday 29 January 2002 @ 20:03 - GMT

Elton John may play singer Britney Spears's father in his next music video, according to Britney Spears's official website, which in turn cited news sources. Spears's boyfriend, 'NSYNC singer Justin Timberlake, is currently featured in Elton's latest music video, This Train Don't Stop Here Anymore.

Elton reportedly explains in the website report: "I like this concept and my director wants to do a continuation of the same night - the same era but from a fan's perspective. Justin will come onstage and we want to use a girl, get it from a fan's perspective."

Elton adds: "If we do it, my personal favorite would be Britney Spears. I want to play her dad in the video. That would be incredible. It'll be along the lines of...I won't let her out and she wants to go to the concert and she runs away."

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