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Nigel Olsson‘s Facebook page has a message from Elton to fans.


The pop luminary says while his team’s been working on rescheduling North American dates, without a vaccine and better testing and tracing, he doesn’t want to find himself in a position to have to announce concert dates once again. And Elton wants to be sure it’s fully safe for everyone, including concertgoers, his tour crew, and the building staff.
He adds that he understands the hardships many are feeling during these ”unprecedented times” and says that ”those in need” will have the remainder of the month to get refunds. 
”Ottherwise, hold onto your tickets as new dates will be announced at a later date this year, in which case, a new refund window will open should you not be able to make the new date.
”Thank you for your patience. I promise to continue the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour and look forward to seeing you by my side once again as you have for so many years throughout my blessed career.”