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Taron Egerton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night to promote his upcoming film Robin Hood, but wound up spending more time discussing Rocketman.

The actor, who is playing Elton John in next year’s biopic, said that he first met the vocalist on the set of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, where Elton had an extended cameo. Egerton, who was called to meet John in a church in front of the organ, said, “I pictured this really cool, casual meeting of two men, and when I arrived he goes, ‘If I were 5 years younger, I’d be marrying you here.'” He added, “That’s Elton.”

When Kimmel urged Egerton to speak more about the project, he brought up his apparel in the movie, some of which has been seen online.

“We go to places in this movie, especially with the costumes; I’m either wearing everything or nothing,” Taron said.

As for playing the keyboards, Egerton remarked, “I made a real effort to learn piano. As it turns out, it’s very difficult.” Some scenes are cut so that the movie doesn’t show him failing to play the instrument, he added.

The young man also recalled a recent concert where the former Reg Dwight dedicated a song to him and Rocketman’s director, Dexter Fletcher

“My mum started crying, and I tried to hold it together, but then my lips started going,” he stated.