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One of Elton’s friends has a new album out today.

The pop veteran is recommending that folks check out Jake Shears’ solo debut. He enthuses: ”So proud of him! Great new album!”
And as previously reported, Elton and Jake have been working on a stage show together and enjoying the experience.

However, it could be some time before the fruits of their labour are on the West End or Broadway.

The Scissor Sisters frontman told the Daily Star: “Musicals take forever to get made, it’s a long-ass time because they’re so complicated.

“I’m really excited about it. Me and Elton hole ourselves up for days at a time, and just laugh. Then we write, then we laugh, then we write. All my experiences with Elton creating are joyful.”

Jake previously starred in Broadway’s Kinky Boots, which was challenging for the singer.

He admitted: “I learned that the key to musicals is their structure.

“Getting a musical right is like doing a Rubik Cube.”