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Ed Sheeran has designed a limited-edition t-shirt to raise funds for a campaign to help a program in Nairobi, Kenya, that encourages young men to test themselves for HIV.

Kenya’s population has the fourth largest percentage of HIV/AIDS-infected people in the world. Many aren’t aware that they’re HIV-positive. The program, sponsored by the Elton John AIDS Foundation, is called “Chukua Selfie,” and it encourages young people to seek treatment and help stop the spread of the virus.

Ed tells the Independent, “I’m completely behind the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s goal to end the AIDS epidemic once and for all.”

“To do this, I firmly believe we need to make young men part of our efforts, not only to bring them into consciousness about their own risk and vulnerability to HIV, but also to empower them to protect the women around them.”

The item features an image of Ed onstage, raising his guitar above his head.  It says “Ed Sheeran #ChukuaSelfie.”  Available at, they cost $26, and are only available through December 21.