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As reported previously, an exhibition featuring Sir Elton’s photography collection opens tomorrow at Tate Modern.

The star owns around 8,000 images, and has lent 191 of them to the London museum. The show is called The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography From the Sir Elton John Collection.

Elton told Britain’s Press Association: “What drew me to photography was I got sober in 1990. I’d had my pictures taken by a lot of great photographers and never knew anything about it as an art form whatsoever.”

But after he saw some vintage fashion photos during a trip to France, he was hooked.  He bought a dozen, and then just kept on buying.  Now, he says, photography has “taken over my life in a way.”

“It’s been the art form I’ve loved the most ever and I’ve loved all sorts of art forms,” he reveals. “This is the one I’m most passionate and know most about.”  Elton says collecting photos has been like “going to university and studying a subject I completely and utterly adored.”

“They’ve inspired me subconsciously,” he says of the works. “I live with my art. I don’t put it away. It’s on the walls. It fills you with joy.”

“There’s enough horror and sadness in this world, particularly at the moment,” Elton adds. “There’s enough negativity. To be able to enjoy this every day when I get up, is a huge bonus.”

The exhibit runs through May 2017, and Elton plans to donate some of his collection to the UK in the future.