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A Dallas-based auction house is thrilled to be able to offer a once-in-a-lifetime collectible.

Heritage is selling the handwritten lyrics for Skyline Pigeon. Since this was written early into their songwriting partnership, the credits in the upper right corner are for “Dwight/Taupin,” as the singer’s birth name was ‘Reginald Dwight.’ It’s accompanied by a typed letter from 1993 (on Elton John AIDS Foundation letterhead) with the rocker’s handwritten signature, detailing how important the song meant to him and what it was like to sing it at Ryan White’s funeral in 1990.

“I think the song has stood the test of time,” John wrote. “The issues of freedom and liberty will always be significant and hymns never cease to move and unite people.”

There’s also a typed note from Bernie Taupin (with his signature), talking about the song’s importance.

“Written in the summer of 1968 ‘Skyline Pigeon’ was the first song that truly defined Elton and my direction as songwriters,” Bernie wrote in 1993. “Up to this point we had been cajoled into writing bland corporate songs for middle-of-the-road performers. Elton was still ‘Reginald Dwight’ and I was still terribly naïve but with some encouragement from respected friends, we broke the chains that bound us and attempted to write what we wanted to write. This was our first attempt.”

The minimum bid is $10,000, but it’s not the only EJ item being sold. Clothes once owned by Elton and Bernie are on the auction block, as are some awards. They’re all part of Heritage Auctions‘ sale of Entertainment & Music Memorabilia, being held from the 20th of July through the 21st of the month.