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In 2013, Ed Sheeran took the stage at the 55th Grammy Awards with his mentor.

This came about because of a request made by Elton, who envisioned a duet of Sheeran’s Song Of The Year-nominated The A Team.

“I help manage him, and I believe so much in this guy,” Elton recalls telling the showrunners of the young man’ talent. “[I said,] ‘He’s gonna be a huge star. What if I do a duet with ‘The A Team’? … And that’s how we got Ed onto the Grammys.”

GRAMMYs Greatest Stories: A 60th Anniversary Special which includes the story of Elton and Ed’s pairing, is  be televised on CBS, but you can also stream it through CBS All Access. The live stream will be available in more than 125 cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver, and Miami.

Use CBS All Access to watch on your preferred electronic device:

– Apple TV
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GRAMMYS Greatest Stories: A 60th Anniversary Special will air this evening. East Coast residents can watch the ceremony at at 9 p.m. ET on CBS or stream on CBS All Access. On the West Coast, folks can watch at 9 p.m. PT or stream on CBS All Access.

If you’re watching in a different time zone, your best bet is to check your local listing as to when the two-hour show will be broadcast. You can also stream live using CBS All Access during the time listed.

The hosts will be Carrie Underwood and John Legend.