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This weekend’s Saturday Night Live had a routine blending Christmas cheer with Eminem‘s dark 2000 single, Stan. Since Elton joined the rapper for a performance of the song at the 43rd Grammy Awards, there was also a small bit relating to that.


Bowen Yang, in a polka-dotted outfit, tinted glasses, and earring, took on the role of Elton, while Pete Davidson starred as ”Stu,” an obsessed fan of Santa Claus who writes him rambling letters requesting a PlayStation 5 for Christmas. Eminem himself even made an appearance.
In the past, Horatio Sanz mimicked the Rocket Man. In one instance, he and ”Eminem,” played by Chris Parnell, performed Stan before hugging and kissing each other.
In 2017, Pete portrayed Eminem trying out for the role of Simba in Lion King auditions. Others taking part in the sketch included ”Celine Dion,” ”Oprah Winfrey,” ”Cardi B” and ”Mary J Blige.”