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”Who wouldn’t want to design a film about Elton John and his life?” asks Rocketman costume designer Julian Day. “He’s pretty much the most flamboyant rock star that has ever lived.”

Day worked on last year’s Bohemian Rhapsody, but Rocketman provided new challenges.

“With Bohemian Rhapsody it was much more of the idea of copying some of the items and a true representation,” the designer told Entertainment Weekly. “With Rocketman we had the freedom to redesign.” 

That freedom came from John himself who invited Day into his wardrobe archives and personal closet for research and inspiration since, as the latter noted, “it’s not a straight-up biopic it’s a fantasy musical.”

Jamie Bell, who plays Bernie Taupin, has also been talking about the movie. He told ITV that he’s known Elton since his Billy Elliott days–and that the film left the superstar ‘weeping.’

”He was a mess, he was in tears, he was weeping. It affected him so deeply; it was the relationship with Billy and the dad because it reminded him of his own relationship with his father.’’

Elton then went on to write the music for the Billy Elliott musical and Jamie describes working with the music legend again after all these years as a ‘real synergy.’

 Bell also teased what fans can expect from the highly-anticipated motion picture.

‘It spins off into the surreal sometimes’, he said. ‘I think that’s how Elton’s life has been like, for him living it and us looking at it, he went from Reginald Dwight to being one of the most recognisable faces in the world.”