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Something About The Way You Look Tonight
Posted by editor_usa

Music Book And Golddisc Site Feature Elton

Friday 9
December 2005 @ 17:08

Since he’s spent 2,574 weeks in the British singles and albums charts, Elvis Presley tops the list when it comes to the Top 100 artists of all time, the Evening Standard has reported.

But Elton is in the Top 10, which appears below–with last year’s positions in brackets:

1 (1) Elvis Presley
2 (2) Cliff Richard
3 (4) Queen
4 (3) The Beatles
5 (5) Madonna
6 (6) Elton John
7 (7) The Shadows
8 (8) Michael Jackson
9 (10) U2
10 (9) David Bowie

Meanwhile, when it comes to Top 100 singles, British Hit Singles & Albums readers consider Something About The Way You Look Tonight/Candle in The Wind ’97 one of the best–rating it #21.

And both voters and readers of the pop bible can take advantage of an offer: They get a 10% discount on personalised Replica Gold Discs. These are from a Staffordshire company, which also carries concert flyers, books and cds signed by the likes of Bon Jovi, the Sex Pistols and Elton.

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