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South Carolina Gamecocks head ball coach Steve Spurrier is leaving his post immediately, which has led to a unique homage.

“First of all, I’m resigning and not retiring,” Spurrier said Tuesday. “I doubt if I’ll ever be a head coach again … but don’t say I’ve retired completely. Who knows what will come in the future?

“My answer has always been the same: If it starts going south, starts going bad, then I need to get out. … It’s time for me to get out of the way and give somebody else a go at it.”

He received a proper sendoff from North Carolina-based SportsChannel8, which prepared the tune Goodbye OBC, Visor In The Wind, set to Elton’s Candle In The Wind.

”OBC” stands for ”Old Ball Coach.”

When Spurrier was coaching at Florida, and they started winning big, many sports announcers would ask him about his key to success. He would almost always attempt to deflect the spotlight, with an aw shucks comment about being just an old ball coach who tries to focus on fundamentals. He used the term so often, announcers finally started referring to him as the “the old ball coach.”