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Elton says he watched a video three times in a row because he was so impressed.


It was a group of teenagers from Telford Priory School in Shropshire, covering I’m Still Standing. They have been putting together videos throughout lockdown.
Teacher Ben Millington revealed to the BBC that he could not believe it when the songwriter himself reached out.
This came after Ron Sexsmith emailed his friend about the online performance.
When Elton contacted the pupils, he said: ”I just wanted to send you all my love and say you know what, you really cheered me up. I know it’s been a rotten time for all of you because everything’s been cancelled because of coronavirus. But you know what? You did something brilliant and you made a brilliant version of I’m Still Standing. I promise you when I come to England after all of this is over and actually play a gig, you can all be my guests at my show because I love it so much.”