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On Wednesday, Elton spoke with Extra’s Mark Wright, who asked him what his kids know about their celebrity dad.

Elton responded, “They know what I do. They know I’m famous. They come and see a show, as they did last week here in Vegas, and they got very excited, and then they went home and it’s all about football. They are mad about football — all they think about is football. They love my music and they love what I do, but they are not intertwined with it.”
Elton has been busy producing the upcoming animated feature Sherlock Gnomes, starring James McAvoy and Emily Blunt, for which he wrote a song for his friend Mary J. Blige.
Elton said, “It’s so fantastic that we got her to do it because now she’s nominated for Best Supporting Actress in ‘Mudbound’ and I always thought she could be a great actress… In fact, the song was written and the words for her were very, very close to home because she just finished a relationship with her husband. So she did it in about 10 minutes… I’m so glad she did it because we’ve been friends — Mary and I — for a long, long time.”

Asked if he finds it upsetting to be embarking on his final tour, the songwriter replied: “No. I’ve been in the back of a van since I was 16. I love performing… but I’ll still be creating, I’ll be doing records, I’ll be writing movie scores and doing more musicals — it’s not an end to me being creative, it’s just an end to me schlepping!”