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Sam Fender appreciated Elton’s endorsement during a challenging time in his life.

He stayed at Elton and David’s Windsor home while enduring ”a pretty rough time mentally.

”They really looked after me and helped me understand the world I was walking into. Because my life in the last four years . . . . I have gone from being on welfare with my mother to winning Brit Awards and two number one albums.”
Sam told the Mirror  that Elton is ”the ally that every young musician coming into this crazy career deserves.”
The young performer recalls that during his home at Elton’s place, he stayed up boozing while his host remained ”stone cold sober partying on non-alcohol cocktails.
”We sat at the kitchen table playing tunes we listened to. He is like an encyclopedia and he introduced me to four artists that I now like. Once he know you like something, you go back home and within two days, a courier turns up with 17 vinyls.
”Half of my library is stuff Elton played in the kitchen. He is just a hero of mine.”