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Stone’s Throw From Hurting
Posted by editor_usa

Elton’s In August INTERVIEW

Thursday 22
July 2004 @ 0:19

Elton admits that if even two people in the audience are sitting there, not clapping, he can’t concentrate.

The statement appears in the August 2004 Interview, where he talks to 17-year-old Joss Stone. And it turns out that they have much in common.

Both hated school and knew their career choices early in. The two are also Eminem admirers. Elton considers him to be shy, nice, funny and professional. He was particularly impressed when they rehearsed for their much-talked-about Grammy duet. ”I hadn’t seen anything that exciting since Mick Jagger in the ’60s.”

Elton has kind words for Stone’s manager-mother as well. They sat together at his Oscar party and he found her to be ”cool, not like a stage mum.”