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Like so many musicians whose formative years were spent listening to FM radio and their older siblings’ record collections, SUSTO’s Justin Osborne has been a fan of Elton’s music for as long as he can remember.

Osborne’s admiration inspired him to record a cover of Daniel.
“Since I first heard ‘Daniel,’ it’s been one of those songs that I wished I’d written,” he says. “I’ve always felt a connection to it, because it reminds me of my own life and how the passage of time can cause people to grow apart. Everyone follows their own path and has their own experiences. Sometimes those separate experiences make it harder to connect with people you were once close to, and that can cause intense longing for the way things once were.”
He reflects, “Our latest album, Ever Since I Lost My Mind deals a lot with this same feeling, so doing our own version of this song felt like a nice companion piece to my own songs. It was so much fun to record this with the band, and it’s an honour to present our own tribute to the mighty Sir Elton, as he is currently bidding the world adieu on his farewell tour. In a way it feels like saying thank you for all the wonderful music he’s made, much of which has become part of the soundtrack to my life.”
The single is available today via digital service providers. The video appears on YouTube.