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In September, a tribute album, Angelheaded Hipster: The Songs of Marc Bolan, was released, and Elton was among the contributors. The Rocket Man was also seen in a couple of old clips when Bolan’s band, T. Rex, was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame earlier this month.


Martin Barden, of Culture Consultants Ltd., which has curated T. Rex’s  catalog since 1994, says when the ensemble received the Rock Hall nomination, it jump-started discussions between his company and the group’s various labels and music publishers about future projects, including a coffee table book of the late Keith Morris‘ photos from the band’s 1972 U.S. tour. He recently spoke with EJW about the project and Elton’s role in this.
EJW: How long has the book been in the works?
MB: It’s been about eight years in the making so far. Yes, we are taking a very long time! It’s a joint effort between me, Claire Morris, Keith’s widow, and Sevrin, their daughter. It covers the whole period of Keith’s professional and personal friendship with Marc Bolan, January 1972 to March 1977. Keith took around 3,000 shots of Marc and T. Rex. The U.S. tour of ’72 was going to become a book while Marc was still alive–Keith and Marc got as far as working up a rough version–but it was never completed.
EJW: Will any of it focus on the film, Born to Boogie, which Elton appeared in?
MB: There will be a chapter dedicated to the making of Born to Boogie, for which Keith was present at every session bar one. You will no doubt be very familiar with shots he took at Apple Studios on Savile Row of T. Rex with Ringo Starr and Elton. There are far more than have ever been published before. 
EJW: When might this be available?

 MB: There is no publication date yet and we have not chosen a publisher, but the book is 90% ready. I would expect next autumn to be the most likely date.